Louisville, Colorado. Gravity Brewing

This brewery is on our must return list. All beers high quality and true to style. Picture below of Tsar Bombe Russian Imperial Stout 11%abv and 60 IBU and Rood Dwarf pomegranate wit beer 5%abv and 15 IBU.

Bottom line: Worth the trip.  

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Prost Brewing


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Grist Brewing Company

Not too far off route 85 is Grist Brewing Company.  The bar is designed well to provide a variety of seating.  It has an open, friendly feel with a good number of patio seats. Service was attentive and friendly.  We found the Window Tour Hefeweizen had some type of contamination that overpowered what flavor should have been present.  The best beer was their 3rd Belguim Strong Ale (pictured). We added flavor of “spicy mango” to the Berliner Weisse (we don’t normally drink this style). Overall, it will take significant word of mouth on improved beers to get a return visit from us – with so many options in the Denver metropolitan area. 

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Loveland, Colorado Breweries – Big Beaver Brewing

Started the day at Big Beaver Brewing Company (’bout got ‘er licked). Tasted eight beers. Colorful beer names. Here’s what we tried: rub-a-chub Kolsch was good; turn me on saison was ok, but had an odd aroma; porker porter was full of coffee notes; beaver stubble stout was ok, another odd aroma; whiskey dick stout was lacking in whiskey flavor; Breezy bean bag scotch ale is slightly peatey, more like a lighter Scottish ale; vanillin chai stout is full of chai aroma and flavor, almost like drinking chai tea; and finally, big woody IPA is ok. Show them your beaver and get a free pint.



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Loveland breweries – Verboten brewery


Trying 11 beers and non-squeaky cheese curds. Thinking of something orange honey wheat is ok, would be better on a warmer day. All beers are named after obscure movie quotes. 5 sec Frencher lemongrass wit is ok, but not as good as Pound Foolish Lemon Pepper. Next up, Angry Banjo, Kentucky Common dark cream ale is malty and a little sour. Killer Boots Caramel Porter is “good” according to J and I concur.


Favorite beer of the day (so far) is I Must Break You Russian imperial stout. “Really good”

Wine I Believe in Pink saison with pink peppercorns aged in a wine barrel is good. J approves of the Nuclear Appocoliss dark IPA. IIpa was dangerous. Definitely doesn’t taste like 8.7%

What Hump? Dark sour is, indeed, quite sour and dark.

She’s a Saint, is indeed a saint. Josh is In love with Imperial Bourbon barrel IPA in honor of Dorothy Mantooth. Best Barrel aged IPA J has had, ever.

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Mountain Toad

Thought we’d check out the new kid in town.


The joint is jumpin’! Summer hop for J and stout for me. The ipa is mellow – meaning I could drink it, but I don’t love it (i.e. no yucky hop face upon tasting). J says the stout is good, better than “nice”. I think the stout is pretty good; it has some coffee flavors, but not as robust as Cannonball.



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Cannonball Creek Brewing, Golden, CO

Quick trip down to Golden. We realized it’s been a good long while since our last post. Don’t be fooled, we’ve been tasting lots of local beer, just kept forgetting to tell you.

We passed this brewery in May, and had been meaning to come back and walk in. This was our first chance. We got a taster set if all 9 flavors. Based on the offerings, that works out to four for me and five for J.


Upon first sip the stout took bbotb. (Best Beer Of The Brewery) 5/9 beers are at least hoppy enough that L hates em all. They have a rosemary sourdough saison which is different but not enuf rosemary for us. The rosemary pale ale we make is better, if we do say so ourselves.

J says the hoppy beers ran together. In general, a solid, satisfying experience. Friendly staff and pleasant environment. They even have a a covered patio!

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